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The Mumma Disy Range



The Mumma Disy Range – A large, majestic candle available in three beautiful colours that holds presence and class in the household. With a long burn time, this candle will keep your favourite fragrance wafting through your household for quite some time. Although this range has a reduced colour selection, the three available colours are dramatically different, and each has a powerful statement to make in a range of decors.

Each large candle has the option of scented candle fill or the glass container on its own. This gives you the option of creating a beautifully matched set of exquisite glassware to style your home. We encourage our customers to repurpose each candle’s containing glassware to hold trinkets, makeup supplies and other odds and ends.

To recycle the glassware and turn it into a stunning trinket or decor piece simply wait until the wax reaches 2cm or less from the base and wash the glassware in warm soapy water and air dry.

Our customers love the ability to have matching candles and containers for other purposes! Some of our ranges include varying sizes, which offer even more decor options.


Purely Celeste Soy Wax is sourced from a leading Australian company to ensure the Soy Wax is 100% natural and contains no paraffin, no unnatural additives, colours or dyes. The Soy Wax we use is natural and kosher.

Purely Celeste has left no stone unturned by acquiring the most gorgeous and classy glassware to compliment and showcase their soy wax candles.

Purely Celeste soy wax candles are not only glorious but are so affordable.

Purely Celeste has ensured that their glassware can be used long after the candle is finished as a stunning trinket or décor piece.  Purely Celeste is proud to be able to assist the environment by reducing their glassware going to landfill. Plant-based waxes are a completely natural renewable resource and the preferred choice in the journey toward sustainability. The Soy Wax sourced provides a long list of environmental advantages:

  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Clean burning
  • Completely free of animal derived substances

To recycle the glassware and turn it into a stunning trinket or decor piece simply wait until the wax reaches 2cm from the base and wash the glassware in warm soapy water and air dry.

Purely Celeste offers a wide range of luxurious fragrances to beautifully scent your desired room or space.

Ingredients: Purely Celeste 100% Soy Wax is a blended wax consisting of 98% Soy that contains a soy-based additive of 2% that is all natural.


Always ensure that you only ever burn your candle for no more/longer than 2-3 hours. It is a must and an essential that you trim the wick before each use to ensure an equal burn and longevity of the wick. Never leave a candle unattended. Only ever burn a candle on a level and fire-resistant surface. Never burn a candle near electrical items or near a heat source, combustible or flammable objects or materials. Never put a candle near curtains, fabrics or linen as they could ignite. Caution the glassware may be warm or hot when burning or after. Cease use when the candle reaches 2cm from the base. Exceptional and strict caution, responsibility and care should always be undertaken when candles are involved. Please keep away from children, pets and direct sunlight.

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